Orders of Precedence

Busongora Kingdom Orders of Precedence

FOLLOWING on resolutions of the meetings of Cabinet and Elders of Busongora Kingdom, held at various times over the past few years, the cabinet members were required to draw up the kingdom’s Orders of Precedence as a means to identify and properly notify the titled royal, noble and high officials of the kingdom. This was necessary as a means of avoiding random or uninvited or unqualified persons attending meetings. 

It was noted that frequently, attendance of key council meetings by uninvited guests caused irregularities in protocol that may have resulted in costly mistakes for the kingdom - including such things as hasty and ill considered decisions with lasting consequences, random appointments of officials, and failure to acknowledge the proper duties, services, names and titles of persons and officials.

Moreover, the Constitution of Busongora Kingdom [Art.14, Clause iii] requires that... “For the purpose of ensuring orderly succession to the throne, the kingdom authorities shall maintain a list showing the kingdom’s Titled Royal and Non-Royal Nobles, clearly illustrating their Eligibility and Order of Precedence to succeed to the throne.  This list shall also be beneficial for purposes of protocol in the awarding of honours at ordinary public and private functions. 

In addition, the Constitution [Art 14, Clause iiii] states that... “In the event that the reigning monarch vacates the throne on account of abdication or incapacitation or disappearance or demise, the Council of Accession [AbaShoganisa] shall be responsible for the election of a new monarch. Persons considered for succession by the Council of Accession [BaShoganisa] shall receive preference based on their Eligibility and Order of Precedence.

In consideration of who should become serve in any high office in the kingdom - including that of Monarch - the Order of Precedence is important but not paramount. Order of Precedence must always be considered together with Eligibility - meaning that a candidate must be good character and must have a demonstrable record of constructive service in the kingdom.  Obviously for anyone who has poor conduct - especially opportunism, rudeness or alcohol abuse - or is lacking a substantive record of service, or is/was opposed to the existence of the kingdom, the elders have sufficient grounds to deny such a person appointment to high offices including the office of monarch, regardless of any blood relations to any current or past monarchs.

The Order of Precedence of the Royal Families is different from the General Order of Precedence of the Kingdom - a much larger and more comprehensive Order than that of the Royal Families. The General Order of Precedence is derived from the leaders of the various representative councils and clans and regions of the Kingdom. For clarification, the word “Elders” is used to mean any persons who are leaders, representatives or members of the councils and organs listed below.

General Order of Precedence of the Kingdom of Busongora

ENGLISH                                                                                    RUSONGORA 

[1] Monarch                                                                               - OmuKama [If Male] or Kandake [If Female]

[2] Council of Accession                                                              - AbaShoganisa

[3] Council of Advisors                                                                - AbaJwarakondo

[4] Council of Ministers [Cabinet]                                                 - Rukurato Rw'Engoma

[5] Royal Family and Titled Nobles                                               - AbaNyenyezi & AbaNyenyezikati

[6] Leaders of Clans, Sub-clans, Lineages & Families                    - Abakuru b’eNganda

[7] Governors of Regions, Counties, Sub-Counties & Ridges          - AbaAmi b'amaTwale 

[8] Secretariat [Civil Service]                                                       - Ishaazi

[9] Citizens                                                                                 - BaTaka b’Ensi

Order of Precedence of the Royal Families of Busongora

Where persons are of equal rank, the elder precedes the younger. Females always precede males of equal age and rank. If they are children/consorts/siblings/parents of different Former/Past Monarchs, then the children/consorts/siblings/parents of the later Monarch precede those of the earlier Monarch. The children/consorts/siblings/parents of the current Monarch always precede those of all former Monarchs.

The creation or inheritance of nobility title is not automatic, and must be approved either by the Monarch, or the Council of Accession. Titles are fixed after they are granted, and are not affected by changes on the throne or in the Council of Accession. To receive title, a person is granted letters patent from the monarch, or is invested in a ceremony of some kind by the monarch. Once given, a title can only be removed for cause, by the monarch, on the recommendation of the Council of Accession. The nobility titles determine the person’s privileges and order of precedence, as well as some duties and obligations. 

[1] The Monarch

His/Her Majesty The King/Queen - [Omukama / Kandake]

[2] Consort of the Monarch and/or Ceremonial Consort of the “Royal Drum”

HM The Queen/King Consort [Omugo/Mukengoma] [Omujwera]

[3] Titular Sister of the Omukama

Her Royal Highess The Queen Sister - [Rubuga/Batebe/Kaliota] 

[4] Titular Mother and/or Real Mother of the Monarch [Nyina Omukama] 

Her Royal Highness The Queen Mother

[5] Titular Father and/or Real Father of the Monarch [Ishe Omukama] 

His Royal Highness The King Father

[6] Titular Grandmother and/or Real Grandmother of the Monarch 

Her Royal Highness The Queen Grandmother [Nyinenkuru Omukama] 

[7] Titular Grandfather and/or Real Grand Father of the Omukama

HRH The King Grandfather  [Ishenkuru Omukama] 

[8] Former Monarch - [Omujwera - if male] [Omugore - if female]

HRH The Omujwera / Queen Dowager

[9] Consorts of Former Monarchs -  [Omugore] [Omujwera]

HRH The Queen Dowager /  Omujwera

[10] Heir / Heiress Apparent  

HRH The Crown Prince / Princess

[11] Siblings of the Current Monarch

HRH Princess / Prince

[12] Siblings of past Monarchs

 HRH Princess / Prince

[13] Sons and Daughters of Current Monarch 

HRH Princess / Prince  

[14] Sons and Daughters of Former Monarchs 

HRH Princess / Prince  

[15] Grandsons and Granddaughters of Current Monarch

His / Her Highness Princess / Prince 

[16] Grandsons and Granddaughters of Former Monarchs

 HH Princess / Prince 

[17] Great Grandsons / Granddaughters of Current Monarchs

HH Princess / Prince

[18] Great Grandsons / Granddaughters of Former Monarchs

HH Princess / Prince

[19] Titular or Honorary Princess and Princesses 

His / Her Highness Princess / Prince