Honorific Titles

List of aristocratic and court titles used in Busongora

There are two categories of Busongora's nobility: 

[i]    The Banyenyezi (singular munyenyezi  - “prince”, munyenyezikati - “princess”) were the hereditary and appointed Royals; 

[ii]    The Bajwarakondo were the appointed hereditary and non-hereditary Nobles. 

The Bajwarakondo are appointed or confirmed by the monarch, while BaNyenyezi are - like the monarchs - appointed by the BaShoganisa [the Council of Accession]. In addressing persons, or in assigning seats of places in procession lines, the rules of precedence are based on seniority, which in turn depends on title, rank, age, on offices held, and on when the nobles each obtained their titles. Collectively the Bajwarakondo and the BaShoganisa - along with governors and commanders - are known as the BaChwa or BaChwezi [meaning respectively "those who decree" and "those of the land of the decree-givers"]

Engoma - “The Royal Drum” or “The Reign of a Monarch”. 

Muhabuzi - name of the Legislative Parliamentary Assembly of Busongora Kingdom

OmuShoganisa - a member of the Council of Accession [those who elect or consecrate monarchs and princes/princesses]

Omukama - means the King Regnant [male Monarch] of Busongora

Kandake - the Queen Regnant [female Monarch] of Busongora

Nyakataraga - Royal / Chief Priestess

Omugo - the Chief Female Consort of the King 

Nyanjugu - title reserved for Crown Princes/Princesses or for territorial governors of Royal blood. Obukama bw'obuNyanjugu refers to Regency, or to a principality governed by a prince/princess on behalf of the Monarch.

Mukengoma - the Musongora Ritual/Ceremonial Wife of the ”Drum” if the “Omugo” is not a Musongora.

Nyina-Omukama - means the Official Queen-Mother

Rubuga - the official senior Queen-Sister to the Monarch 

Batebe - the official junior Queen-Sister to the Monarch

Kalyota - One of the mukama’s sisters appointed as his “official sister” in charge of the princesses of the Throne [Drum], with their many estates. The Kalyota had her own estates as well. The Kalyota settled disputes and made decisions about everything from inheritance to protocol. The Kalyota also periodically drank milk with the mukama. 

BaZaana -  Female court officials in charge of maintaining palace protocol and meeting the personal needs of the Royal family.

Okwiri - rules over the king’s clan itself while the mukama ruled over everybody else. 

Musuga - Head of the Royal Household [official King-Father and rules over the Royal Family if he is older than the monarch]

Kalisa - Master of the Herds [responsible for royal kraals, the cattle-ranges & the management of all cattle in the kingdom]


Ruhandika - Chief Scribe [All Royal decisions, announcements, edicts, decrees, and schedules were arranged and issued through this minister's office.

OmuJwarakondo - a member of Muhabuzi or member of Council of Advisors [the title was granted with the right to wear a coronet, and was higher than the title of 

Omuhanuzi - Cabinet member [Plural: AbaHanuzi]

Omwinganizi - Prime Minister

Omubangyizi - Attorney General

Kihimba - Royal Treasurer [Minister of Finance]

Omugambi wa Muhabuzi - Speaker of the Busongora Parliament

Omweganywa - keeper of the Royal Spear [Minister for Security/Defence]

Omutambi - healer/doctor [Surgeon General or Minister of Health]

Omuramuzi - Chief Judge or Chief Magistrate 

Omugororozi - Official responsible for Constitutional Affairs and/or Protocol